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Curriculum Overview


Our 4 Key Values which Underpin our Vision:

DEDICATION – We strive to do our best!

Everyone has high expectations of themselves and others and their learning is active to grasp every opportunity possible. Daily reflection allows pupils and teachers to plan and strive for improvement. Pupils’ individual skills are developed giving them the confidence to aim high.

ASPIRATION – We achieve success!

Achievement is constantly recognised and celebrated. Everyone is clear about their next steps to success. Key skills within the curriculum allow pupils to prepare for their future. We aim for consistently high standards of teaching and learning for excellent progress.

CO-OPERATION – We work together as a team!

Parents and carers are involved in the life of the school and community. Our surrounding community offers us a variety of learning opportunities across the curriculum and we are committed to helping and supporting one another. Throughout the school community, everyone communicates clearly and calmly, and behaviour is consistently good and better.

INSPIRATION – We are excited about our learning!

Everyone has equal access to rich learning opportunities. High level of challenges motivates and develop thinking skills. The school environment gives learning real context and develops imagination. Learning is enjoyable and children want to attend school.

Our Subjects

At South Kirkby Academy our curriculum is designed through sequences of learning which start in the planning stage with a desired outcome.  For children to reach the desired outcome successfully, our teachers plan in small steps of progression taking into consideration the children’s prior learning and building the knowledge and skills needed as life-long learners. Our learning is also designed to help our children retain core knowledge and skills, through making connections across the curriculum and through the world they live in. Applying learning through a variety of contexts enables our children to retain knowledge and develop skills independently, and with real purpose for their lives as global citizens of the future. Our schemes of learning are not only underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, but also include key enquiry questions to engage learning, promote critical thinking and deepen learning.


Our subject leaders have created curriculum maps for each subject area showing a progression of skills across Key Stage 2. The curriculum maps give children the opportunity to use a multitude of skills across a number of different educational contexts.

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