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Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact


Everyone at South Kirkby Academy – staff and children alike – truly believe in accomplishing ‘success for all’.



The South Kirkby Academy curriculum is designed and implemented to meet the requirements of our unique school community. A fundamental belief of all staff is that the curriculum should be delivered through high-quality, first-hand experiences of the real world so children understand that there is life outside of South Kirkby.


All staff aim to provide a broad and vibrant curriculum which provides opportunities for our children and equip them with the life skills to become successful, life-long learners.


At South Kirkby Academy, we broadly follow the National Curriculum; its design ensures that the breadth of knowledge is delivered in an engaging and memorable way, where children are encouraged to explore, discover and dream.



Quality first teaching ensures that our curriculum is implemented in a purposeful way, considering the individual needs of our children.


Through high quality provision, the knowledge, skills and vocabulary that the children need to be successful across all subjects is imparted by our skilled staff and children are challenged to be creative, resilient learners who show dedication to their learning.



Our South Kirkby Academy community will acquire a range of skills which they are able to use confidently, gather knowledge to use throughout their education and apply our school values to their everyday lives; children at our school will learn more, remember more and enjoy more while they develop morally, socially and emotionally, preparing them to explore the world beyond the gates of South Kirkby Academy.



Our subject leaders have created curriculum maps for each subject area showing a progression of skills across Key Stage 2. The curriculum maps give children the opportunity to use a multitude of skills across a number of different educational contexts.

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