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South Kirkby Academy is an average-sized junior school in the village of South Kirkby, West Yorkshire with approximately 240 children and 30 staff. The school has been part of the Waterton Academy Trust since 2016.


We aim to be a values-driven school at the heart of our unique community, striving for the best possible outcomes for our children. Our values-led school nurtures curiosity and creativity through a broad and engaging curriculum. Learning and well-being is at the heart of all we do at South Kirkby Academy with the aim of our children becoming resilient and confident in an environment where everyone is challenged, supported and encouraged to thrive and achieve as individuals. We foster life-long learners and prepare our children for their role as caring and active citizens in modern-day Britain.


Our School Values

South Kirkby Academy has four core values which underpin everything that we do, staff and children alike. These are: dedication, aspiration, co-operation and inspiration.



Each member of the South Kirkby Academy community is dedicated to making the school a wonderful place to learn, play and work. We share a mutual commitment to our school motto – Success for All – by having high expectations of ourselves and others, and by grasping every learning opportunity that comes our way. We aim high at South Kirkby Academy!



At South Kirkby Academy, we truly believe that anything is possible: aspiration means to have a strong hope, dream or goal and to always want to achieve something more than what or where we currently are. ‘Reaching for the stars’ is something that we live and breathe at South Kirkby Academy, and if we don’t quite make it the first time, we are still progressing forwards to enrich our daily lives.



As a school at the heart of the South Kirkby community, working together is at the forefront of everything that we do. We are committed to helping and supporting one another in our day-to-day school lives and have our doors wide open to parents, carers and the wider school community.



Children and staff alike are resilient problem solvers, creatively thinking and working their way through each day with its successes and challenges. We inspire each other by sharing our ideas and acting upon our desires to make a change for the better.


Our Curriculum Intent   At South Kirkby Academy our curriculum is designed through sequences of learning which start in the planning stage with a desired outcome. For children to reach the desired outcome successfully, our teachers plan in small steps of progression taking into consideration the children’s prior learning and building the knowledge and skills needed as life-long learners. Our learning is also designed to help our children retain core knowledge and skills, through making connections across the curriculum and through the world they live in.   Applying learning through a variety of contexts enables our children to retain knowledge and develop skills independently, and with real purpose for their lives as global citizens of the future. Our schemes of learning are not only underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, but also include key enquiry questions to engage learning, promote critical thinking and deepen learning.

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