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Imperial Class


Imperial Class


We are committed to helping our children become independent, life-long learners with the knowledge and skills they need in all subjects. We are developing a progressive, skill based curriculum with opportunities for the children to learn and excel in both academic and non-academic subjects.

Your class teacher is Miss Lodge.


Your teaching assistant is Mrs Wilson.

Knowledge Organisers

Maths Knowledge Organiser

Maths Knowledge Organiser


History Knowledge Organiser

History Knowledge Organiser

Knowledge Organiser Greeks

PSHE Knowledge Organiser
Science Knowledge Organiser

Science Knowledge Organiser


French Knowledge Organiser

French Knowledge Organiser

French Year-6 Knowledge Organiser 20-21

Literacy Knowledge Organiser
Geography Knowledge Organiser

Geography Knowledge Organiser


Encourage your child to read on a daily
basis. Any text is suitable including:
books, magazines, newspapers and
online reading materials. Discuss the
meaning of some of the challenging
words when they are reading.

Support your child in accessing their
home learning on Microsoft Teams.

Practice recall of times table facts –
please use Timestable Rockstars.

Encourage your child to complete
written homework as neatly as possible
in order to maintain a joined, legible

Support them where necessary with
their Homework.

Please ensure your child has their PE
Kit everyday for the Summer Term.
Their PE Kit should come into school
on Monday and go home on Friday so
that it is available all week.

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